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James F. Creed, Jr. | Send e-mail

James F. Creed, Jr., has closed over 1000 residential transactions of which many have been loans involving multi-family residential housing. Mr. Creed has also represented the secured lender in more complex, multi-million dollar commercial transactions. In representing Fannie Mae and the Dime Savings Bank of New York FSB, Mr. Creed worked closely with the Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Services (Boston) and the Drug House Task Force in efforts to provide affordable housing. Mr. Creed facilitated conveyances in conjunction with the Mayor's Office to ensure that neighborhood groups would be afforded the option to purchase and provide afford-able housing and stable local ownership opportunities to the community. Mr. Creed is formerly an elected member of the Marshfield Planning Board, and is familiar with all aspects of the Subdivision Control Law, and state and local zoning requirements. Additionally Creed was formerly staff intern with the Boston City Council, and while employed there his work centered on the creation of affordable housing in the City of Boston. He was extensively involved in efforts to expand the Section 8 and METHAP Programs, encouraging local banks to provide more money for affordable housing creation, and urged that Boston's Linkage Fund be established as a revolving loan fund, rather than a grant program, to ensure permanent funding for affordable projects within the city.

Jeffrey N. Formica | Send e-mail

Jeffrey N. Formica

Jeffrey N. Formica, Esq. serves as lead conveyancing closing and foreclosure counsel, having closed over 10,000 residential loans since 1991 for various lenders. He also has directly represented the Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) and Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac) relative to the conveyance and finance of bank owned property. Attorney Formica oversees the entire finance process from receipt of the file and request to open title through disbursement. Attorney Formica lives in Walpole with his wife Beth, and three children. He is a 1988 graduate of Boston University, Bachelor of Arts with a major in Philosophy, and 1991 graduate of Suffolk University Law School, JD. He has been admitted to the Massachusetts Bar in 1991.


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