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Creed & Formica's approach to conveyancing is simple: provide caring service to our customers in order to promote long term, quality business relationships.

Prospective clients of the law firm of Creed & Formica will find the firm's experience to be superior and its rates highly competitive. Our firm also maintains a skilled support staff dedicated to providing quality, personalized, legal service to each client. Each attorney is involved with all phases of the workflow to ensure quality control and client satisfaction. Our approach to practice enables the firm to provide quality legal services at the lowest possible cost to our clients.

Creed & Formica provides its banking clients with expertise in all areas of conveyancing and asset recovery, including attendant litigation. Additionally, Creed & Formica services clients' individual requests by traveling to a convenient location to conduct a closing; no county in Massachusetts is excluded from our service area. We also have capabilities of receiving closing packages through internet services, along with trained staffing to service the specific needs of each lender.

We believe no other group of attorneys can provide the competency, expediency and quality of services that Creed & Formica offer. In the area of conveyancing, lender and property management representation we believe our service and dedication to be superb.

Creed & Formica individually tailors its fee schedule to the mutual benefit of client and firm. Creed & Formica is a law firm which concentrates in real estate law. The firm is comprised of the two named partners named partners, and an associate. Staff includes three conveyancing paralegals, a litigation paralegal and receptionist. Each attorney is involved in, and has the expertise to, coordinate and conduct real estate conveyances. In addition to it's Walpole location, the firm has access to conferencing facilities statewide.

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